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“Just Get Their Name” touches a nerve: intentionality!  Readers of this book will learn proven techniques to reach out to people not yet connected to the church; even more important, it will light the kind of fire under clergy and laity that will stimulate organic, creative ideas to penetrate the mission field of their own respective church.”  Rev. Jim Ozier, North Texas Conference UMC


"Most churches and Christians struggle with knowing that they are called to share the Good News and reach out to the lost…but not knowing how to really do that in their day-to-day lives. Bob Farr, Doug Anderson, and Kay Kotan share some powerful steps in Get Their Name that Christians everywhere can use and apply. The process is presented in easy to understand language with many examples from the authors' personal lives. This book is a wonderful resource for individuals and small groups."  Ken Willard, Certified Church Consultant & Coach


Are you really targeting the right people with your ‘evangelism’ efforts?  If you are among the majority, you are most likely operating  within a model that no longer works, because it is too passive, too polite, and focused in the wrong direction.  As a result, you are not making new disciples, not adding significantly to Christ’s transformation of the world. And you—or at least your congregation–are (probably) unaware of this fact.

There is hope, and you will find it in these pages. Farr, Kotan and Anderson reveal the ways most churches unwittingly misdirect their reach into the community. The authors show in practical terms how to change the habits of leaders and entire congregations, so that invitation is natural, constant, systemic, genuine, and easy. Get Their Name clearly demonstrates how you and your church can change, and equip your people to share their faith in a way that is effective, biblical, and transformational.




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Kotan is a credentialed coach, seasoned consultant and author of seven books including Renovate or Die & Ministry 3.0.  She serves as an Executive Team Member for the Healthy Church Initiative for the United Methodist Church.  In her presentations, participants describe Mrs. Kotan to be "dynamic, real, practical, touching and motivating."  If you would like to invite her to speak or lead a workshop, contact her at or 816.350.0333 for more information and availability.

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